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A look at school activities, updates and events in and around the Leonia Public Schools. 
Issue II 2017-2018


Important Message From the Superintendent

February 27, 2018

Dear Parents, Guardian and Community:

Today, we acted upon a statement made by a student that was threatening in nature to Leonia Middle School. After a complete investigation by our school administration, counselors and the Leonia Police, we determined that the threat was not credible. At no time, was the safety of our students in jeopardy, and there was no need to lock-down the school.

In the last week, at Leonia High School, each morning message now includes, “If you see something, hear something or view something on social media that is troubling, Tell Someone!!” This important message will now be included in the Middle School daily announcements, as well.

The response from our building administration, and the Leonia Police provided for an effective resolution to this situation and we thank the Leonia Police for their quick response.

Our protocols worked today as our administrators and our law enforcement responded, as practiced many times, in a swift and appropriate manner.

We thank you, our parents and community, for working with us to provide a safe environment for our students.


Joanne T. Megargee

Joanne T. Megargee

 LMS-Incident 2-27-18.pdf 

The Northern Ignite Cluster

The Spring 2018 Bergen Visitation Site:  Leonia High School

Friday, May 4, 2018
8:30 am—11:30 am